What Are Your Options For Dealing With A Bad Transmission?

When auto transmissions go bad, there is a fairly limited range of options for dealing with the situation. These four choices are the ones that auto transmission services technicians regularly recommend to their customers. Replacing with a New or Remanned System This often sounds like the most appealing option, but the term "new" needs to be examined a little bit. Even with newer cars, manufacturers don't produce large surpluses of transmission units. [Read More]

Are You Interested In Purchasing A Pre-Owned Vehicle? Consider Getting Pre-Approved For A Loan

When you are interested in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and need financing, there are many benefits associated with getting pre-approved for a used vehicle loan from a bank or credit union compared to waiting and attempting to get financing from the dealership selling the used car. Learning about the benefits can help you determine if getting pre-approved is the route to go for you. Here are a few of the benefits associated with getting pre-approved for a used car loan from a bank before shopping for a used vehicle. [Read More]

Is Your Car Noisy Or Handling Differently? Check The Brake Pads

If your car is making sounds or handling differently, you may wonder if there is a problem. While there are numerous potential causes for these issues, worn brake pads can be a common culprit. Read on to learn more about what brake pads do, why they may need repairs, and how to take care of them. How do brake pads work? When you use the brake in your car, a a hydraulic brake fluid is pushed from a master cylinder down the brake lines. [Read More]

Help Your Transmission Survive The Dog Days Of Summer

As summer continues to make the mercury in the thermometer climb, it's important to take steps to make sure your car can survive the heat. One particular area you might want to pay special attention to is your transmission. Your car's transmission plays a critical role in keeping your vehicle in the right gear, and if it were to overheat or run into other trouble, you would quickly find yourself out of commission. [Read More]